6 Most Shocking Prison Escapes of All Time

As long as we'll be have prisons, we'll be having prison escape incidents. This is a list of the 6 most daring and amazing escapes:

6. County Antrim

Image Credits: BBC

It was the biggest incarceration failure in English history, when in County Antrim, Northern part of the Ireland in 1983, thirty eight (IRA) prisoners, many of whom had been punished for serious misdeeds and crimes. A prison security officer died of cardiac arrest and two others were shot using shot guns which were illegally brought inside.

5. Alfred Hinds

Image Credits: Goliath

Hinds was an English offender and escape professional. He was almost always able to escape the justice system using weird but substantial arguments with his unique knowledge of the British law and order system. For apt roofing at good prices, go to roofers Toronto.

4. The Libby Prison Escape

Image Credits: Kill the Jellyfish

The Libby Prison Escape was one of the most magnificent prison escapes in the American Civil war time period. Many infamous personalities of those times escaped and among the prisoners, many most wanted cruel characters were also there. Of the 109 escapees, 59 succeeded in reaching Union lines, 48 were recaptured, and 2 drowned in the nearby James River.

3. Pascal Payet

Image Credits: Alchetron

There can be no doubt that this man deserves a place on this list – he has escaped not once, but twice from high security prisons in France – each time via hijacked helicopter! He also helped organize the escape of three other prisoners – again with a helicopter. Payet was initially sentenced to a 30 year jail term for a murder committed during the robbery of a security van.

2. The Great Escape

Image Credits: Alfie Fripp

Stalag Luft III was a German Air Force prisoner-of-war camp during World War II that housed captured air force personnel. In January 1943, Roger Bushell led a plot for a major escape from the camp. The plan was to dig three deep tunnels, codenamed “Tom,” “Dick,” and “Harry.”

1. Colditz escape

Image Credits: LosApos

In the Colditz escape, two pilot brothers thought up the idea of building a glider for the sake of escape. It was ingenuous, innovative and uncommon for any era or period of history. It was a daring escape and the people who did it were quite crazy as well as adventurous.