Top Prison Security Establishments of the World

There are always two sides of a story, the truth, and the lie. There can only be two impacts of the story, that is, constructive and destructive. To maintain communal harmony and ensure the growth and development of the society, it is essential to control the negative and harmful elements of the society.

It is ensured by keeping the negative elements in the surrounded and guarded environment referred as Prisons. The best prison security systems are:

ADX Florence, United States

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This prison is located in Colorado, US. Multi-tier system of access is installed in the entire prison. All the prisoners are kept in their cells the entire day. It is considered lucky if they get some sunlight. The cell has a black and white television shows some religious channels and showers have timers to prevent flooding.

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, United States

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This prison actually closed down in 1963 due to the salty seawater corroding the building and direct dumping of sewage in the sea. The prison was located on an island and escaping from such an infrastructure meant swimming for 1.5 miles to reach to nearby land. only 5 out of 14 attempts of escape by 36 prisoners were unaccounted and are inferred to them being drowned in the sea.

La Sante Prison, France

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This prison system located in Paris is termed to be completely inescapable as proved by the prisoners who tried to escape. They tried to escape through the drainage tunnel but that also proved to be so secure that they lost inside the tunnel and finally, suffocated to death.

Federal Correctional Complex (Terre Haute), US

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This is one high-tech prison among all that recruits the least number of guards. The cameras have 360-degree view capturing ability and electronic surveillance is done throughout the facility. The Establishment is quite big when compared to other local counterparts. Best CRM for Real Estate makes sure what is necessary to take care of your potential clients.

Souza-Baranowski Center, United States

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The surveillance and the entire technology systems deployed at this prison are developed by the world renowned scientists of MIT. They have the ability to capture any movement 24 hours a day and at any angle possible.