DNS Security, The Next Step

If you're looking for more innovative protection against malware and spyware, and you're upset that the basic IPS/ID system doesn't get rid of attacks on your computer system, then look into DNS security. The DNS security system can protect your computer from the malware and phishing schemes that traditional firewall software lets in. If you're willing to make a few phone calls to your DNS administrator, in pursuit of DNS security, and if you're willing to make the time to download some scripts and software, then you can be protected.

Research shows that top companies all over the world have experienced a recent bout of phishing schemes and malware infiltrations. You're sure to want to get rid of this possibility happening to your own personal laptop or desktop. The DNS security software can protect you from 80% of the possible schemes and malware that might get into your system otherwise, destroying much-needed software and causing you to spend a lot of money in repairs. So, why don't you try it?

Research actually does show that 80% is a conservative estimate of how much phishing and software infiltrations could be prevented by using DNS security. If you're using ID/IPS security, you're catching a number of related spyware and malware schemes, but you definitely need that extra layer of protection, for your information is up for grabs, much like the top worldwide companies that are being infiltrated by malware. It's important to know that hackers and criminals are very much aware that DNS security is the only thing that can keep them out, and they are unable to infiltrate this extra layer of security.

If you have a traditional firewall, you're doing yourself a great service, but the extra security that you need--in the form of a DNS firewall, no doubt--is just as important as the traditional firewall is. You're sure to want to protect yourself and your data, and this extra (and relatively simple) step can make your computer that much safer for the future.